Air Compressor Common Problems

Air compressor equipment failure according to technical reasons, can be divided into three categories: wear fault, corrosive fault, fracture fault.

Classification of equipment faults

wear failure

Failure caused by the wear of moving parts that exceed the limit value at a certain time.

Corrosive failure

Corrosive failure mainly refers to metal corrosion.

There are eight common states of metal corrosion: uniform corrosion, galvanic corrosion, gap corrosion, small hole corrosion, intergranular corrosion, selective corrosion, wear corrosion, stress corrosion.

The causes of metal corrosion can be divided into three categories: chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion and physical corrosion.

fracture failure

It can be divided into mechanical fatigue fracture, thermal fatigue fracture and plastic fracture.

The cause of equipment failure

The normal operation of the equipment is closely related to the correct daily lubrication, maintenance, inspection and so on, and many equipment failures are caused by small faults or small improper maintenance.

1. there are problems in the operation of the machine, the use of time is too long, the use of strength is too high, the speed is too fast, the wrong button is pressed, the wrong raw materials are placed.

2. equipment maintenance, maintenance department improper maintenance, equipment is not according to the maintenance cycle of the machine maintenance, the use of inferior parts caused.

3. Failure to conduct a detailed analysis of the fault in time. Pay enough attention to small faults and repair them in time to avoid equipment downtime caused by long delays and affect the normal production of the machine


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