• Characteristics of screw compressor

    Screw compressor classification is divided into: fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, open type screw compressor. As a kind of rotary refrigeration compressor, screw compressor has the characteristics of both piston type and power type (speed type). 1), compared with reciprocating piston refrigeration ...
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  • Introduction to Dust Filter Bag

    Introduction to Dust Filter Bag

    Dust filter bag is a device used to filter dust, its main role is to capture fine dust particles in the air, so that it is deposited on the surface of the filter bag, and keep the air clean. Dust filter bags are widely used in various industries, such as cement, steel, chemical, mining, building ...
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  • In what industries are oil separators used?

    In what industries are oil separators used?

    The oil separator is installed on the sewage pipe in the machinery processing, automobile maintenance, industrial production and other industries, and is used to separate the oil substances in the sewage.   First, the application range of oil separator  Oil separator is a kind of equipment u...
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  • vacuum pump oil mist separator filter

    vacuum pump oil mist separator filter

    The vacuum pump oil mist separator filter element is designed to effectively remove oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment. This innovative cartridge uses advanced principles to effectively capture oil mist particles, providing superior performance...
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  • Why choose our screw air compressor accessories filter?

    Why choose our screw air compressor accessories filter?

    In order to maintain the efficiency and life of the screw air compressor, it is crucial to choose the right spare parts filter. Filters play a vital role in ensuring that compressors operate at optimal levels by removing contaminants and impurities from the air and oil. That’s why you shoul...
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  • precision filter

    precision filter

    Air compressors rely on a clean air supply to operate efficiently and effectively. In order to ensure the purity of the air used in air compressors, the use of precision filters has become essential, and the coalesced precision filter element is designed to provide high-precision filtration, mini...
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  • World News of the week

    Monday (May 20) : Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivers a video address to the commencement of Georgetown Law School, Atlanta Fed President Jerome Bostic delivers welcoming remarks at an event, and Fed Governor Jeffrey Barr speaks.   Tuesday (May 21) : South Korea and UK host AI Summit, Bank of Jap...
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  • Air compressor filter product news

    In the world of industrial machinery, the importance of air filters cannot be overemphasized. From air compressors to screw air compressor oil separator filtration systems, these filters play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. One of the key components of ...
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  • About us

    About us

    We are a manufacturer integrating industry and trade, with more than 15 years of filter production experience, specializing in the production of various types of air compressor filter. The German exquisite high-tech and Asian production base organic combination, to create efficient filtration of ...
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  • Global News

    The China-Serbia free Trade Agreement came into effect in July this year   The China-Serbia free Trade Agreement will officially take effect on July 1 this year, according to the head of the International Department of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, after the entry into force of the China-Serb...
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  • What is thread?

    Thread is: on the surface of a cylinder or cone, a spiral linear shape, with a specific cross-section of continuous convex parts. The thread is divided into cylindrical thread and taper thread according to its parent shape; According to its position in the mother is divided into external thread, ...
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  • Filter Product Description

    Filter Product Description

      High efficiency precision filter –C– the main pipe passes through the filter element, which is mostly used after the air compressor, the rear cooler or the freeze dryer, and can filter out a large amount of liquid and solid particles above 3um, reaching the minimum residual oi...
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