Air compressor filter element maintenance and replacement

Maintenance of intake air filter element

The air filter is a part of filtering air dust and dirt, and the filtered clean air enters the compression chamber of the screw rotor for compression. Because the internal clearance of the screw machine only allows particles within 15u to filter out. If the air filter is blocked and damaged, a large number of particles greater than 15u enter the screw machine for internal circulation, not only greatly shorten the service life of the oil filter and oil fine separation core, but also lead to a large number of particles directly into the bearing chamber, accelerate bearing wear, increase the rotor clearance, reduce the compression efficiency, and even the rotor boring bite.

Oil filter replacement

The oil core should be replaced after the first 500 hours of operation of the new machine, and the oil filter should be removed with a special wrench. It is best to add screw oil before installing the new filter, and the filter seal should be twisted back to the oil filter seat with both hands. It is recommended to replace the new filter every 1500-2000 hours, and it is best to replace the oil filter at the same time when changing the oil, and the replacement cycle should be shortened when the environment is harsh. It is strictly prohibited to use the oil filter element beyond the deadline, otherwise due to the serious blockage of the filter element, the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve automatically opens, and a large number of stolen goods and particles will directly randomly enter the oil into the screw main engine, causing serious consequences. The replacement of diesel engine oil filter and diesel oil filter should follow the diesel engine maintenance requirements, and the replacement method is similar to the screw oil core.

Maintenance and replacement of oil and gas separator

The oil and gas separator is a part that separates the screw lubricating oil from the compressed air. Under normal operation, the service life of the oil and gas separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of the oil and the filtration accuracy of the air have a huge impact on its life. It can be seen that in the harsh use of the environment must shorten the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter element, and even consider installing a front air filter. The oil and gas separator must be replaced when it expires or the pressure difference between the front and back exceeds 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, it will cause motor overload, oil and gas separator damage and oil running. Replacement method: Remove the control pipe joints installed on the cover of the oil and gas drum. Take out the oil return pipe from the cover of the oil and gas drum into the oil and gas drum, and remove the fastening bolt from the top cover of the oil and gas drum. Remove the lid of the oil drum and remove the fine oil. Remove the asbestos pad and dirt stuck to the upper cover plate. Install the new oil and gas separator, pay attention to the upper and lower asbestos pads must be nailed to the book, the asbestos pad must be neatly placed when pressed, otherwise it will cause washout. Install the upper cover plate, return pipe and control pipe as is, and check whether there is leakage.

Post time: Jan-10-2024