Air compressor oil and gas separation filter material introduction

1, glass fiber

Glass fiber is a high strength, low density and chemically inert material. It can withstand high temperature and pressure and chemical corrosion, and has high mechanical strength, which is suitable for making high efficiency air filters. Air compressor oil core made of glass fiber, high filtration accuracy, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and long life.

2, wood pulp paper

Wood pulp paper is a commonly used filter paper material with good softness and filtration properties. Its production process is simple and the cost is low, so it is often used in low-grade air compressors and automobiles. However, because the gap between the fibers is relatively large, the filtration accuracy is low, and it is prone to moisture and mold.

3, metal fiber

Metal fiber is a filter material woven with ultra-fine metal wire, which is usually used in high-speed and high-temperature environments. The metal fiber has high filtration accuracy, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and can be recycled. However, the cost is higher and it is not suitable for mass production.

4, Ceramics

Ceramic is a hard, corrosion-resistant material commonly used in fields such as chimneys, chemicals and medicine. In air compressor oil filters, ceramic filters can filter out smaller particles, providing higher filtration accuracy and longer service life. But ceramic filters are costly and fragile.

In summary, there are many kinds of oil core materials for air compressors, and different materials are suitable for different occasions and needs. The oil and gas separator is a key component responsible for removing oil particles before compressed air is released into the system. Choosing the right air compressor oil core material can improve the efficiency and life of the air compressor oil filter and ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Post time: Jul-09-2024