Air compressor “three filter” blockage causes and harm

Oil filter, air filter, oil and gas separation filter, commonly known as the “three filters” of air compressor. They all belong to the fragile products of screw air compressor, all have a service life, must be replaced in time after the expiration, or blockage or rupture phenomenon, will seriously affect the normal work of air compressor. The service life of the “three filters” is generally 2000h, but due to the following reasons, it will speed up the occurrence of blockage failures.

Firstly, the oil filter must be replaced in time when it is used, and it is a fragile product. Without reaching the use time, the reasons for the early alarm blockage are basic: the quality of the oil filter itself has problems; The use of ambient air quality is poor, the dust is too large, resulting in premature blockage of the oil filter, and there is carbon accumulation of air compressor oil.

The hazards of not replacing the oil filter in time are: insufficient oil return, resulting in high exhaust temperature, shortening the service life of oil and oil core; Lead to insufficient lubrication of the main engine, seriously shorten the life of the main engine; After the filter element is damaged, the unfiltered oil containing a large number of metal particle impurities enters the main engine, resulting in serious damage to the main engine.

Secondly, the air filter element is the air intake of the air compressor, and the natural air is compressed into the unit through the air filter. The blockage of the air filter element is generally mainly the surrounding environmental factors, such as the cement industry, ceramic industry, textile industry, furniture industry, such a working environment, it is necessary to frequently change the air filter element. In addition, the differential pressure transmitter fails to cause a fault alarm, and the differential pressure transmitter is damaged and replaced.

The hazards of not replacing the air filter element in time are: insufficient exhaust volume of the unit, affecting production; Filter element resistance is too large, the unit energy consumption increases; The actual compression ratio of the unit increases, the main load increases, and the life is shortened. The damage of the filter element causes foreign bodies to enter the main engine, and the main engine is held dead or even scrapped.

Third, When the oil and gas separation filter element separates compressed air and oil, impurities will remain on the filter material, blocking the filter microhole, resulting in excessive resistance, increasing the power consumption of the air compressor, which is not conducive to energy saving and emission reduction. There are volatile gases in the surrounding environment of the air compressor; The high temperature of the machine accelerates the oxidation of the air compressor oil, and once these gases enter the air compressor, they react chemically with the oil, resulting in carbon deposition and sludge. Part of the impurities into the oil circulation system will be intercepted by the oil filter, and the other part of the impurities will rise to the oil content with the oil mixture, when the gas passes through the oil and gas separation filter, these impurities remain on the oil filter paper, plugging the filter hole, and the resistance of the oil content gradually increases, resulting in the oil content must be replaced in advance in a short time.

The hazards of not replacing the oil core in time are:

Poor separation efficiency leads to increased fuel consumption, increased operating costs, and may even lead to main engine failure when oil shortage is serious; The oil content of the compressed air outlet increases, which affects the operation of the back-end purification equipment and causes the gas equipment to fail to work normally. The increase of resistance after plugging leads to the increase of actual exhaust pressure and energy consumption. After failure, the glass fiber material falls off into the oil, resulting in shortened life of the oil filter and abnormal wear of the main engine. Please do not let the three filter overload use, please replace, clean in time.

Post time: Jul-02-2024