The Latest Technology Replacement Atlas Copco Air Compressor Parts Air Filter Cartridge 1622185501

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Item number: 1622185501

Size: 355*225*225

Weight: 1.9kg

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The production of air compressor air filter is mainly divided into the following steps:
1. Select material Air filters use different materials, such as cotton, chemical fiber, polyester fiber, glass fiber, etc. Multiple layers can be combined to improve filtration efficiency. Among them, some high-quality air filters will also add adsorption materials such as activated carbon to absorb more harmful gases.
2. Cut and sew According to the size and shape of the air filter, use a cutting machine to cut the filter material, and then sew the filter material to ensure that each filter layer is woven in the correct way and not pulled or stretched.
3. Seal By making the end of the element so that its suction inlet goes into one opening of the filter and the outlet of the filter fits snugly into the air outlet. It is also necessary to insist that all sutures are firmly bound and that there are no loose threads.

4. Glue and dry The filter material requires some gluing work before overall assembly. This can be done after sewing etc. Subsequently, the entire filter needs to be dried in a constant temperature oven to ensure the best performance of the filter.
5. Quality check Finally, all manufactured air filters need to undergo strict quality inspections to ensure that they meet standards and are safe to use. Quality checks can include tests such as air leak testing, pressure testing, and the color and consistency of protective polymer housings. The above are the manufacturing steps of the air filter of the air compressor. Each step requires professional operation and skills to ensure that the produced air filter is reliable in quality, stable in performance, and meets the requirements of filtration efficiency.


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The role of air filter:
1. The function of air filter prevents harmful substances such as dust in the air from entering the air compressor.
2. Guarantee the quality and life of lubricating oil.
3. Guarantee the life of oil filter and oil separator.
4. Increase gas production and reduce operating costs.
5. Extend the life of the air compressor.

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