Factory Price Air Compressor Filter Cartridge 6.1996.0 6.1997.0 Air Filter for Kaeser Filter Replace

Short Description:

Total Height(mm):376

Body Height (H-0):365 mm

Height-1 (H-1):11 mm

Largest Inner Diameter(mm):103

Outer Diameter(mm):198

Smallest Inner Diameter(mm):8.5


Packaging Details:

Inner package :Blister bag / Bubble bag/ Kraft paper or as customer’s request.

Outside package :Carton wooden box and or as customer’s request.

Normally, the inner packaging of the filter element is a PP plastic bag, and the outer packaging is a box. The packaging box has neutral packaging and original packaging. We also accept custom packaging, but there is a minimum order quantity requirement.

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Product Description

Air compressor air filter is used to filter particles, moisture and oil in the compressed air filter. The main function is to protect the normal operation of air compressors and related equipment, extend the life of equipment, and provide a clean and clean compressed air supply. The air filter of an air compressor is usually composed of a filter medium and a housing. Filter media can use different kinds of filter materials, such as cellulose paper, plant fiber, activated carbon, etc., to meet different filtration requirements. The housing is usually made of metal or plastic and is used to support the filter medium and protect it from damage. It is very important to regularly replace and clean the air filter of the air compressor to maintain the effective filtration performance of the filter.

When the use of the filter element of the air filter expires, the necessary maintenance should be carried out, and the maintenance should comply with the following basic guidelines:

1. Follow the differential pressure switch, or differential pressure indicator information instructions to select the service time. Regular on-site inspection or cleaning can sometimes do more harm than good. Because there is a risk that the filter element is damaged, causing dust to enter the engine.

2. It is recommended to replace rather than clean the filter element, so as to avoid damage to the filter element and protect the engine to the greatest extent.

3. When cleaning the filter element is necessary, special attention should be paid not to wash the filter element.

4. Please note that the safety core cannot be cleaned, only replaced.

5. After maintenance, use a wet cloth to carefully wipe the inside of the shell and the sealing surface.

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