Factory Price Air Compressor Filter Element 4930352111 Oil Separator for Mann Separator Replace

Short Description:

Total Height(mm):400

Largest Inner Diameter(mm):210

Outer Diameter(mm):275

Largest Outer Diameter(mm):328

Element Collapse pressure (COL-P):5 bar

Permissible Flow (FLOW):1326 m3/h

Flow direction (FLOW-DIR):Out-In


Packaging Details:

Inner package :Blister bag / Bubble bag/ Kraft paper or as customer’s request.

Outside package :Carton wooden box and or as customer’s request.

Normally, the inner packaging of the filter element is a PP plastic bag, and the outer packaging is a box. The packaging box has neutral packaging and original packaging. We also accept custom packaging, but there is a minimum order quantity requirement.

Product Detail

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Product Description

First, the oil separator is designed to separate the oil from the compressed air, preventing any oil contamination in the air system. When compressed air is produced, it usually carries a small amount of oil mist, which is caused by oil lubrication in the compressor. If these oil particles are not separated, they may cause damage to downstream equipment and affect the quality of compressed air.

When compressed air enters the separator, it passes through the coalescing filter element. The element helps trap and bind small oil particles to form larger oil droplets. These droplets then accumulate at the bottom of the separator, where they can be expelled and properly disposed of. Through the oil and gas separation filter element, it prevents the accumulation of oil in the air system, and regular maintenance and replacement of the oil separator is essential to its effectiveness. Over time, coalescing filter elements may become saturated with oil and lose their efficiency. It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and schedule regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

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Characteristics of oil separator filter

1, Oil and gas separator core using new filter material, high efficiency, long service life.

2, Small filtration resistance, large flux, strong pollution interception capacity, long service life.

3. The filter element material has high cleanliness and good effect.

4. Reduce the loss of lubricating oil and improve the quality of compressed air.

5, High strength and high temperature resistance, the filter element is not easy to deformation.

6, Prolong the service life of fine parts, reduce the cost of machine use.

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