Factory Price Atlas Copco Filter Element Replacement 1619299700 1619279800 1619279900 Air Filter for Air Compressor

Short Description:

Total Height(mm):353

Largest Inner Diameter(mm):86

Outer Diameter(mm):166

Smallest Inner Diameter(mm):8.5


Packaging Details:

Inner package :Blister bag / Bubble bag/ Kraft paper or as customer’s request.

Outside package :Carton wooden box and or as customer’s request.

Normally, the inner packaging of the filter element is a PP plastic bag, and the outer packaging is a box. The packaging box has neutral packaging and original packaging. We also accept custom packaging, but there is a minimum order quantity requirement.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Air compressor air filter is used to filter particles, moisture and oil in the compressed air filter. The main function is to protect the normal operation of air compressors and related equipment, extend the life of equipment, and provide a clean and clean compressed air supply.

Air filter technical parameters:

1. The filtration precision is 10μm-15μm.

2. Filtration efficiency 98%

3. The service life reach about 2000h

4. The filter material is made of pure wood pulp filter paper from American HV and South Korea's Ahlstrom


1. What is the consequence of an air filter dirty on a screw compressor?

As a compressor intake air filter becomes dirty, the pressure drop across it increases, reducing the pressure at the air end inlet and increasing the compression ratios. The cost of this loss of air can be much greater than the cost of a replacement inlet filter, even over a short period of time.

2. Is air filter necessary on air compressor?

It is almost always recommended to have some level of filtration for any compressed air application. Regardless of the application, the contaminates in compressed are are harmful to some type of equipment, tool or product that is downstream of the air compressor.

3. How do I know if my air filter is too dirty?

Air Filter Appears Dirty.

Decreasing Gas Mileage.

Your Engine Misses or Misfires.

Strange Engine Noises.

Check Engine Light Comes On.

Reduction in Horsepower.

Flames or Black Smoke from Exhaust Pipe.

Strong Fuel Smell.

4. How often do you need to change the filter on an air compressor?

every 2000 hours .Like changing the oil in your machine, replacing the filters will prevent your compressor's parts from failing prematurely and avoid the oil from becoming contaminated. Replacing both the air filters and oil filters every 2000 hours of use, at a minimum, is typical.

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